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World Contraception Day: Empowering young people to take family planning into their own hands.

Bayer Thai partners with the Department of Health’s Bureau of Reproductive Health and the Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand (PPAT) to empower young people to have increase access and availability of family planning and education, to reduce unplanned pregnancies.

BANGKOK - 26 September 2019: Bayer Thai Co., Ltd. joins forces with the Department of Health’s Bureau of Reproductive Health and the Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand (PPAT) under the Patronage of H.R.H. Princess Mother to commemorate World Contraception Day, which falls annually on September 26. This year’s theme is on the “Power of Options”, which aims to raise awareness among young people about reproductive health by providing them access to scientifically accurate information and offering them the power to make conscious decisions in planning for their future and reduce unplanned pregnancies in Thailand.

Dr. Kittipong Saejeng, Director of the Bureau of Reproductive Health, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health said, “Collaboration from all walks of society is necessary in tackling unplanned pregnancies in Thailand, especially by promoting health literacy and public awareness.  This is because ineffective birth control methods are often driven by lack of knowledge or incorrect contraceptive application. The bureau and partners, including doctors, pharmacists, pharmacies, and the ministries of Labor, Education, Interior, as well as Social Development and Human Security, are committed to raising public understanding and awareness in correct birth control methods, to help women avoid unplanned pregnancies.”

Data from the Department of Health showed that 72,566 teens aged 10-19 years old gave birth in 2018. This equates to 199 such babies being born in a day. Of the total, 9% gave birth to their second child. In the 10-14 age group, a number of 2,385 young girls, compared to 2,559 in 2017, gave birth, or 7 cases a day.

“Education about birth control is vital and requires strong cooperation from all parties, from families to schools and communities and healthcare providers, in order to change public behaviors which lead to unintended and teen pregnancies,” Dr. Kittipong stated.

Prof. Dr. Surasak Taneepanichskul, President of the Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand (PPAT) said, “Poorly-planned pregnancies in Thailand remain a problem, and produces severe social consequences, such as pregnant teens dropping out of school. ‘Unplanned pregnancies’ often involves students. Teen pregnancies in Thailand account for as much as 15% of total pregnancies, above the World Health Organization’s 10% median.”

Another issue concerns lower rates of fertility among those who are mature and financially ready. 2019 is expected to be the first time in Thailand’s history that senior citizens will outnumber children, due to the dwindling number of new births. In 2018, new births were only 666,109.

“What’s worrying is ready women are not having children, while some pregnant mothers are those who are not ready. Teenagers lack knowledge about birth control and their pregnancies cause a number of problems. PPAT sees the need in educating teenagers about birth control. Let them know that they have ‘power of options’ , the options to avoid unwanted pregnancies through various birth control methods. They have the power to choose a bright future. Education is vital and it needs the cooperation from all parties,” he said.

Dr. Paneeya Sutabutra, Country Medical Director of Pharmaceuticals Division, Bayer Thai Co., Ltd. Said, “As a company dedicated to enhancing women’s health and improving women’s access to contraception, Bayer is committed to continuously support family planning through collaboration with public agencies and civic organizations. We share a common goal to reduce unplanned pregnancies, particularly among teens, by empowering young people with correct information about different methods of contraception. We are privileged to collaborate with the Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Health and PPAT in this education campaign to promote awareness of effective birth-control methods.”

To achieve this goal, many activities are planned, Bayer together with the Department of Health’s Bureau of Reproductive Health and the Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand to take place this year as follows:

  • A 3-minute oral contraceptives counselling toolkit for pharmacists will be distributed to pharmacists at pharmacies in Thailand. The goal of this toolkit is to equip pharmacists with reliable information on how to assess if oral contraceptives are suitable and safe for their clients. Therefore, pharmacists can provide consultations on oral contraceptives to Thai women.
  • An online video clip under the “Power of Options” theme https://web.facebook.com/younglovethailand/videos/844610425934680/ will be released today with key messages about contraceptive options that are available to avoid unwanted teenage pregnancy.

The educational activities and awareness initiatives under Department of Health’s Bureau of Reproductive Health’s Young Love program will continue to be organized:

  • A new social media channel (Line@YoungLove) will be officially launched today to reach out to wider audiences. The Line@YoungLove channel will provide accurate and factual information in various topics around contraception. This is a new communications channel adding to the current Facebook Page: facebook.com/younglovethailand.
  • The educational campaigns organized in universities and factories across the country since 2014, continues into 2019. These public talks, seminars and forums focus on the importance of contraception and on empowering young people to have informed discussions with their healthcare providers and partners on their contraceptive options. This year, 60 such activities have been planned in universities and factories, attracting 40,000 people in total.

Together with Thailand, numerous events will take place under the umbrella of World Contraception Day in over 70 countries to raise awareness of reproductive health and contraception for young people.

For more information, view the VDO clips at https://web.facebook.com/younglovethailand/videos/844610425934680/
For more information, please also visit www.facebook.com/younglovethailand 
and follow Line @YoungLove


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