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Bayer Thai “Science For Smiling Kids” Brings Kids to Learn the Innovations in World Cup

Pathum Thani– Bayer Thai Co., Ltd. led the primary school students from the Chumchon Wat Baanrakad School in SamutPrakarn province to learn about the innovations with high-tech materials in the FIFA World Cup through “Bayer Science for Smiling Kids” volunteering program. A friendship football match between Bayer volutneers and students was held to feature “Brazuca”, the official ball used in this world cup, along with a visit to Thailand’s leading football stadium, LEO Stadium, which is operated by Bangkok Glass FC. The activity also included football skill tutorial by professionals from Football Academy and “What is behind football?” to let kids learn science is around their daily life and further trigger their interest in natural science.

Ms. Celina Chew, Managing Director of Bayer Thai Co., Ltd., said that, “Bayer’s mission is Science For A Better Life. As a science and research-based company, Bayer’s innovations aim to improve people’s quality of life. With our commitment to contribute to the community we operate, Bayer Thai leverage our core competence in science to enhance science eductation. The “Bayer Science for Smiling Kids” is an employee volunteering program designed to trigger Thai kids’ interest in natural science through fun hands on experiements and games. Today, our program focuses on science behind football and equimpments in 2014 FIFA World Cup”.

In the latest World Cup 2014, Bayer MaterialScience, had played a vital role in bringing in Bayer’s innovations. Particularly, the “Brazuca” football, which was developed by Bayer MaterialScience and Adidas, was officially used in these World Cup tournaments and has been praised for its distinct features that could bring out the best in every football players. Moreover, Bayer MaterialScience has advanced the materials used for the manufacturing of sports clothing, stadium roofs and tactile paving for visually impaired people.

More than 80 students from Grade 5-6 from Chumchon Wat Baanrakad School had learned about the high-tech innovations for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil through this Bayer “Science for Smiling Kids” program. With the collaboration with Bangkok Glass FC, Bayer Thai invited the students to visit the LEO Stadium of Bangkok Glass FC which is Thailand’s largest football field with artificial turf certified by FIFA and AFC (with A Class). The venue is capable of holding competitions on Asia’s regional scale. Students enjoyed learning and being trained with football skills from Mr. Hans Rudolf Franz Emser, Director of the Academy of Bangkok Glass FC transferred from Germany and the staff coach team.

In addition, students from Chumchon Wat Baanrakad School also joined a friendship football match with Bayer Thai staff using a real “Brazuca” ball similar to the official ball used in the World Cup 2014 in Brazil for which allowed students to learn and experience the innovation used in the competition of World Cup 2014.

Mr. Tawatchai Paosammuk, director of Chumchon Wat Baanrakad School, disclosed that, “The activity held by Bayer Thai for our students this time is a good way to instill and encourage the kids with a sense of enthusiasm in science. It is highly beneficial for them to learn outside of classrooms. So to speak, the activity is not only knowledgeable, but also amusing and offering them precious experiences for once in a lifetime.”

Ms. Phanthida Witthayaphalert, Corporate Affairs & Communications Manager, Bangkok Glass FC, added that, “The club well realizes the importance of children. For example, our contribution has reflected in the Academy Football Clinic by which the club has continued to promote for Thai youth to spend their free time wisely, as well as to inspire them with passion in football. The activity offers great opportunities for students from Chumchon Wat Baanrakad School to experience Thailand’s leading football field which is used regularly for football matches. The Academy Football Clinic is also open for junior football enthusiasts participating in this activity.”

“I strongly believe that this activity will offer new experience to students, making them learn about science that is behind the exciting sport like football which is most popular sporting event of humankind.” added Ms. Celina Chew, Managing Director of Bayer Thai Co., Ltd.