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Department of Health, in partnership with Bayer Thai, will launch “Be Sure” initiative on World Contraception Day

Bangkok - On the occasion of World Contraception Day - September 26, the Department of Health in collaboration with Bayer Thai Company Limited will launch “Be Sure”, a nationwide program to provide the public with reliable information on contraception and family planning through qualified drugstores in Thailand. The aim of the initiative is to empower people to make informed reliable choices on contraception and family planning thereby reducing the number of unplanned and unsafe pregnancies in Thailand.

There are various channels through which people can access information on family planning and contraception. These include health center facilities, drugstores and even the internet. However, not all channels provide correct information on contraceptive usage which can lead to ineffective birth control. There are drugstores in almost every district in Thailand. According to a survey conducted in 2013, drugstores accounted for 70 percent of the channels where consumers seek information on family planning and contraception. Drugstores are also a primary point of contact to the public in regard to providing education on contraception and family planning.

Dr. Porntep Siriwanarangsun, Director – General of Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health said today people engage in sexual activity at a younger age, and the lack of proper knowledge on contraception among young people has led to a high rate of unwanted pregnancies in Thailand. According to data of Department of Health in 2013, 46 percent of the unwanted pregnancies are caused by sex without contraception, 28 percent are due to non-compliance to contraceptive methods and 9 percent are caused by the lack of proper knowledge and misconceptions on contraception such as one-time sex will not cause pregnancy or condom usage condom will reduce sexual satisfaction. Above that, many young people are shy to seek proper advice of contraception.
“The aim of “Be Sure” initiative is to help people access reliable information and educate them on contraception and family planning through qualified drugstores in an attempt to reduce unplanned and unsafe pregnancy rate. Drugstores that underwent the training will be well educated of reliable choices on contraception and family planning thereby they will provide proper consultancy on contraception to people.”

Trainings, educational materials, certification and “Be Sure” logo plate at the stores will be provided by Department of Health to drugstores that underwent the trainings. The plan is expected to roll out the program in 1,000 drugstores by end of 2015.

Mr. Alp Atay, General Manager of Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceutical Division, Bayer Thai Company Limited said  during the launch of the program,” At Bayer,  we are committed to providing people with access to innovative treatments and reliable education on sexual and reproductive health. “Be Sure” is part of our efforts to help people seeking information on reliable contraception and family planning. I would like to urge the public to seek advice from qualified drugstores which are professionally trained in this regard. So, look out for the “Be Sure” logo in the drugstore, if you are looking for more information about contraception.”

Apart from this, Bayer has also been working in partnership with the Department of Health and other stakeholders to support the “Young Love” Project, which includes the production of an educational short film “Patcha is Sexy”.  The film received good feedbacks from online community and the aim of the program is to improve the level of sex education among teenagers in Thailand.

Channels to enroll in Be Sure program
1.  www.besurethailand.com
2. Send a letter to “Be Sure” Program
    Bureau of Reproductive Health, Department of Health
    Ministry of Public Health
    Tivanond Road, Nonthaburi 11000
    Tel: 02-5904171
    Fax: 02-5904163