Business Operations

Crop Protections

The Crop Protection business offers a broad portfolio of products to farmers with a focus on rice, vegetables and fruit corps. Tiller®,Ricestar® and Whip® are leading herbicides for control of grasses and other weeds in rice. Whereas Ronstar® is leading herbicide for control weeds in DDSR (Dry Direct Seed Rice). Solutions for vegetables and fruit corps via new innovative of the fungicide Luna® Sensation and include rice fungicide Luna®Experience and Antracol ® and the insecticides Provado®and  Folitec®.

Bayer CropScience is committed to consistently introduce new and innovative solutions for farmers in Thailand and to support them with technical expertise.  BELT® Expert is a new generation insecticide for the control of leaf folder and stem borer that has recently will be launching into the market. At the same time, Alion® is new herbicide product for long lasting (3-6 months) control weeds in oil palm and para rubber. The Bayer Much More Rice (BMMR) project has been launched by  Antracol ® 2 times and Luna®Experience 2 times and successfully introduced for controlling fungus diseases in rice and included Alanto® for control thrips and BELT® Expert for leaf folder and stem borer in rice. Meanwhile, Basta® has been successfully introduced for rid grassy weed and broad leaves weed in fruit and rice bund and use for against weedy rice – an increasing problem in Thai rice farming.